Court métrage documentaire sur quatre Chefs étoilés et leur désir de transmission
Réalisé pour la Fundaziun Uccelin, créée par le Chef suisse Andreas Caminada,
dans le but de soutenir les jeunes talents culinaires du monde entier.
Avec les Chefs étoilés Andreas Caminada, Sergio Herman, Björn Frantzen et Jordi Roca.
Zürich, 2016

Short documentary film on four starred Chefs in their will of sharing and transmitting their know-how
Directed for Fundaziun Uccelin, founded by Swiss Chef Andreas Caminada
to promote young talented Chefs.
With Starred Chefs Andreas Caminada, Sergio Herman, Björn Frantzen and Jordi Roca.
Zurich, 2016


Voice over : (in order) Björn Frantzen, Sergio Herman, Jordi Roca, Andrea Caminada

Original music : Agnes Obel
Score courtesy : Play it again Sam

Production : Fundaziun Uccelin and Flux Laboratory

Production manager : Daphné Bengoa and Maurice Ziegler

Cameras : Daphné Bengoa and Aurelio Galfetti

Editing : Yorgos Lamprinos

Sound editing - mastering : Cyril Harrison

Color grading : Gregory Arvanitis

This film was shot in the frame of the « Culinary Cinema Nights », an exceptional event orchestred by the Fundaziun Uccelin at Flux Laboratory Zürich in October 2016.

Special thanks to Sarah Leemann and Andreas Caminada for making this film possible.

© All rights reserved


Andreas Caminada
Switzerland, 3 Michelin stars
Restaurant Hotel Schloss Schauenstein
Founder of Fundaziun Uccelin

team :
Dante Bassi, Marcel Flatscher, Oliver Friedrich, Zineb Hattab, Cornelia Huschka, Lubos Jara, Heike Kaltenegger, Francis Kuhlmey, Gino Miodragovi, Sabrina Schmidt, Olli Schueling, Marcel Skibba

Temporary team :
Marina Hartmann, Adriana Hartmann, Michaela Kammermann, Nicole Sergenti, Rafael Sgier, Marco Zurflüh

Björn Frantzén
Sweden, 2 Michelin stars
Restaurant Frantzén

team : Viktor Westerlind and Petter « Peppeflis » Johansson

Sergio Herman
Nederland, 3 Michelin stars

team : Michiel de Bruyn

Jordi Roca i Fontané
Spain, 3 Michelin stars
Restaurant El Celler de Can Roca

team : Alejandra Rivas

Copyright @ 2017 Daphné Bengoa.
All rights reserved